SBQ: Stitching on the road

This week’s Stitch­ing Blog­ger’s Ques­tion is

What do you keep your WIPs and oth­er stitch­ing sup­plies in when traveling?

I near­ly did­n’t answer this one, because the bag is dingy!
Work in Progress bag
This is the dis­rep­utable bag in which I car­ry my cur­rent stitch­ing projects. Projects go in Ziplock bags inside the bag, as the bag itself has become an aux­il­iary purse/schoolbag/carryall. I’ll have to replace it soon, as it’s wear­ing out. 

I got the bag as a “prize” for being the first to answer a ques­tion a long-ago boss asked our depart­ment via email. I think the ques­tion was “what does ‘tcp/ip’ mean” but I can’t absolute­ly swear to that.

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