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Livejournal Crossposter and LJ as an aggregator

Live+Press works, but it gives me lots of messy error mes­sages. I don’t like error mes­sages, even if the post does even­tu­al­ly go where it’s sup­posed to go. Odd­ly, it works just fine on Katie’s site. We’re using the same ver­sion of Word­Press on the same serv­er. Very strange.

So now I’m test­ing Live­Jour­nal Cross­poster. We’ll see how this one works. It’s sim­pler, with far few­er options. I can’t cus­tomize the LJ post in any way (user pic­ture, mood, etc.) but most of those options weren’t real­ly work­ing in Live+Press any­way.

I’ve got­ten the idea that some of you just won’t com­ment if you can’t do it on LJ, so I’ll just go back to hav­ing com­ments in both places. At least I’ll get noti­fi­ca­tions (or should). 

That’s a real prob­lem I have with using LJ as an aggre­ga­tor: there’s no way to get LJ to dis­able com­ments on the syn­di­cat­ed feed account, and the blog author nev­er know the com­ments are there. Few peo­ple actu­al­ly go back to the blog to respond, and blog­gers (on LJ or else­where) want com­ments. They are the ego-cook­ies that make us hap­py. You wouldn’t want to miss your com­ments, would you?


  1. cyn says:

    What would be ide­al is if the com­ment but­ton on LJ could some­how point to the right place on the blog to do it.

    That would be ide­al. Of course, there are so many dif­fer­ent blog­ging plat­forms, I can see that being dif­fi­cult.

    LJ cer­tain­ly could dis­able com­ments on all syn­di­cat­ed feeds. It wouldn’t be that dif­fi­cult. I can’t imag­ine why they won’t do it.

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