5 Replies to “Bookmooch?”

  1. LOL @ Book­munch vs. Book­mooch, because I think of books like pop­corn, you just keep the hand­fuls com­ing!

    I start­ed Paper­back Swap a few weeks ago and have been hap­py with them. I’ve received about 3 books and I’ve sent out about 5. Works pret­ty well for me. I can only think the prob­lem with both would be if nobody wants your books, but you want more books.

  2. Total­ly unin­ten­tion­al, but I think of them that way, too!

    I’ll take a look at Paper­back Swap, too. Most of the books that get weed­ed out each year are paper­backs.

  3. Alice, what’s your nick­name at Paper­back Swap? I want to put you in the Refer­ral field so you get cred­it.

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