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Clothing for dogs?

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Critters | Posted on 22-08-2006


I've long known that there were people who inflict indignities like sweaters and even tiny little boots on their canine companions. I had no idea that the doggy fashion had become so very fashionable, though.

Then I saw it. One moment I'm surrounded by bird feeders and cat toys, the next, there it is: an entire row of Canine Couture.

I called Katie to my side to make sure I wasn't hallucinating, but no, she saw it too. We brought home photographic evidence, not expecting you to believe us without it.

Very tacky Brocade Dog Dress, mostly red and black

That particular "dress" was the most eye-catching of this season's dog fashion - at least, what that Target is carrying.

We were very happy to come home to our sharp-clawed cats, safe in the knowledge that they would never permit such a thing.

Comments (4)

I saw those at Tar­get the last time I was there, too. Oh, my! :p My mom gets sweaters for her rat-pig dog. A chi­hauha mix, I call her rat pig because chihauha’s are rat dogs to me, and her nose looks like a pig. :p Any­way, my mom says she buys sweaters for her because she gets cold. I say she just shakes because she’s neu­rot­ic and needs prozac. :p

Many dogs have issues with being made to wear some­thing; the only rea­son my family’s col­lie stopped tak­ing off a flower-head­band that was made for him was because he real­ized he was get­ting more atten­tion on Hal­loween as a “col­lie-flower”.

I’ve seen it, but I don’t under­stand it.

That com­forts me some­how. Thank you dear 🙂