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I’m wheeled

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Education, Family, Health | Posted on 06-06-2006


For a time, at least. Sam picked up a wheelchair yesterday that I'll be using for the next month (hopefully no more than that) while recovering from a hospital stay.

No, I hadn't imagined how much I dislike hospitals. The place was worse than I remembered, so much so that I begged my way out of there three days early. Yes, in this day of managed care, they wanted to keep me 'til Tuesday and I talked my way out on Saturday by proving that I could and would give myself shots to replace the IV drugs I was getting.

I'm a true homebody, and really do heal faster here than anywhere else, anyway.

I have to go back for some bloodwork today, though, and will be doing that weekly for a while. It's especially a nuisance because I can't drive myself around yet.

In happier news, Katie finished the classroom portion of her driver's education course and is behind the wheel this week. She came home absolutely hyper last night after driving for three hours. I don't think I'll be worrying about having someone to drive much longer! 🙂

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